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ECONOMY house plans
Economy Service Standard Materials and Specifications

1) Site and Foundation: Construction shall take place on a site that is either near flat, or will have an adequate area made near flat through on-site grading and/or compacted structural fill as required for the construction of a home utilizing a monolithic concrete slab on grade floor/foundation.  Home may not be built on a site that has special flood zones (anything other than X or C) or wetlands present on site.


2) Deed Restrictions, Home Owner Association Guidelines, and Architectural Review Boards: It is the Client’s responsibility to confirm any deed restrictions, zoning restrictions, and association guidelines that must be complied with as applicable, and confirm that the following specifications and Client provided floor plan will comply with such regulations prior to execution of this contract.


3) Exterior Wall Construction Options:

      Option 1) 2x6 Wood Studs with Fiber Cement Exterior Siding
            Structure: 2x6 wood framing
            Exterior Finish: Exterior paint on horizontal lap fiber cement siding
            Trim: Fiber cement trim at corners and around doors and windows
            Water Resistive Barrier: Housewrap system (“Tyvek” or equal)
            Exterior Columns: Fiber cement paneling/trim on 6x6 wood posts
            Exterior Beams: Exterior paint on fiber cement paneling/trim on 2x wood beam


      Option 2) 8” Concrete Block with Exterior Stucco Finish
            Structure: 8”x8”x16” concrete block
            Exterior Finish: Direct applied synthetic stucco
            Trim: Stucco with high impact reinforcement mesh on insulation board
            Exterior Columns: Stucco on 8”x16” or “L” shaped 16”x16 concrete columns
            Exterior Beams: Stucco on concrete beams


4) Ceiling/Truss Bearing Height: 8’-0”, 9'-0", or 10’-0” ceiling height for 2x6 wood frame exterior walls.  8'-0", 8'-8", 9'-4", or 10'-0" ceiling height for 8" concrete block exterior walls. Ceiling and truss bearing height shall be consistent throughout (1’-0” deep tray ceilings and/or vaults may be incorporated with Architects prior approval).


5) Attic Type: Vented


6) Roof:

      Structure: Pre-engineered wood roof trusses with 24” spacing

            slope of either 4:12, 5:12, or 6:12

            Roof slope shall be consistent throughout residence.

      Design: Basic hip or gable with no dormers, split pitches, cupolas, raised heals, or

            other special features unless approved in advance by architect

      Overhang: 24” at hips, 12” at gables, cantilevered truss overhang

      Roofing: 30 year algae resistant asphalt shingles

      Roofing Underlayment: Synthetic roofing underlayment

      Gutters and Down Spouts: None

      Soffit and Fascia: Prefinished aluminum fascia and soffit


7) Windows:

      Rectangular, double pane low-e glazing

      Sizes: 3’x3’, 3’x5’, and double/composite 3’x5’ (6’x6’ total) utilized throughout


8) Doors:

      Exterior Doors: 3’-0”x6’-8” side hinged doors, single or pairs (6’-0’ wide)

      Interior Room Entry Doors (Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Etc.): 2’-8”x6’-8”

      Interior Closet Doors: 6’-8” tall side hinged or bi-fold doors

            width and type as deemed appropriate by Architect

      Garage Overhead Doors(s):  7’-0” tall with electric opener

9) Insulation: R-30 in attic, R-13 in framed walls, 3/4” rigid insulation board inside of concrete block walls


10) Interior Finishes:
Interior Wall Finish: Interior paint on orange peel texture on 1/2” gypsum board
Interior Ceiling Finish: Interior paint on knock down texture on 5/8” gypsum board


11) Electrical: Layout generated by Architect to comply with minimum code requirements


12) Air Conditioning (HVAC): Interior equipment shall be located at floor level, within a closet, inside the conditioned space of the residence


13) Plumbing: One tank water heater to be located per Client provided floor plan


14) Custom Home Features:  There shall be no outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, or other custom home features incorporated into, or accounted for, in the plans produced using this services.


15) Other:  Any options beyond those specified above (examples: window frame material, flooring, counter top material, etc.), are left open ended so that the Contractor may either coordinate the selection with the home owner, or make a selection on their behalf.  This provides the Contractor with a lot of flexibility with selections which can help keep the cost of the construction down.

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